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Stack December 2023

Dear Readers,

As we, near the end of another year I am delighted to extend a welcome to all of you for the December 2023 edition of Exercise and Quality of Life. This particular issue holds significance as it represents a milestone in our commitment to advancing the field of sports science. I am extremely excited to share with you a range of articles that await your exploration.

Within this edition, we take pride in presenting seven articles that cover aspects of sports science each offering valuable insights into Exercise and Quality of Life. The topics covered span from sports biomechanics and physical therapy to sociology showcasing the spectrum of research within our community.

I would like to express my gratitude to the reviewers who have contributed their expertise and time in shaping this issue. The collaborative efforts from Hrvoje Ajman, Selcuk Akpinar, Aleksandra Aleksić Veljković, Marijo Baković, Milan Cvetković, Goran Dimitrić, Nenad Janković, Irina Juhas, Žiga Kozinc, Stefan Maričić, Ivana Milovanović, Sergej Ostojić, Ratko Pavlović, Sunčica Poček, Nikola Radulović, Bojan Rašković, Dorica Šajber, Jožef Šimenko, Valdemar Štajer, Nikola Todorović, and Jovan Vuković have played a role, in ensuring the rigor of our publication.

Looking forward, once again I'm thrilled to announce the conference titled “Exercise and Quality of Life 2024: Global Impact of Sport Science”. This conference is scheduled to take place in Novi Sad from April 11th to 13th 2024. It promises to provide a platform, for scholars and practitioners in the field to exchange cutting-edge research and ideas.

Finally, for the first time, I'm delighted to introduce our issue editor for the June 2024 edition Dr. Žiga Kozinc from the University of Primorska, Slovenia. He also has words he would like to share...

Dr. Kozinc:

Dear Readers,

I am delighted to join the editorial board of EQOL as a newly appointed member. My name is Žiga Kozinc and I am an assistant professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Primorska, Slovenia. My research and teaching activities are focused on sports biomechanics, physical therapy and musculoskeletal injuries.

For the June special issue, the journal is focusing on Sports Injuries. We believe this is a critical area to research, especially in light of potential relationship between injuries and quality of life of athletes and recreationally active individuals. As this is one of my fields of expertise, I would like to invite you to contribute a paper. We will welcome original and review papers on risk factors, prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

I am looking forward to your valuable contributions.


Best regards,

Žiga Kozinc and Damjan Jakšić

Current Issue: December, 2023

Original scientific paper

Lower and upper quarter y-balance test in recreationally active healthy adults: test-retest reliability, gender differences and inter-limb asymmetries

Aleksandar Bubić • Žiga Kozinc

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.231201

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML

Original scientific paper

Increased legs-to-total fat percentage ratio in females with a normal body mass index: A change in lifestyle or the adaptation process of the body

Boštjan Jakše • Stanislav Pinter • Uroš Godnov

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.231202

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML

Original scientific paper

Differences in motor abilities between blind students and students without visual impairment

Ivana Zečević • Danijela Ilić-Stošović • Аleksandra Grbović

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.231203

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML

Original scientific paper

The influence of anthropometric characteristics on swimming speed in adolescent swimmers

Jovica Peulić • Anja Obradović • Mila Vukadinović Jurišić • Jelena Obradović

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.231204

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML

Original scientific paper

Differences in some morphological characteristics and repetitive strength in relation to age in handball players

Slavka Durlević • Milica Mijajlović • Marija Durlević

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.231205

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML

Original scientific paper

Sprint race distance affects reaction time in male and female sprinters at the 2022 World Indoor Athletics Championships

Milan Matić • Vladimir Mrdaković • Miloš Marković

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.231206

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML

Special communication

Sport as an actor of big politics: Football and its social function

Biljana Prodović Milojković

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.231207

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML


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