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Stack jun 2018

Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the tenth, jubilee volume of our journal. I hope that you will be satisfied with the quality of the selected articles and that you will enjoy reading them. In the year when we celebrate the first ten years of the continuous publication of the journal, and on behalf of the editorial board of the journal, I would like to point out that we have put in a lot of effort, work and energy in all previous issues. In the year in which we publish our 19th and 20th issue, we proudly announce that we have applied for the following global databases: DOAJ, Index Copernicus and Scopus. Our applications are currently under review and, hopefully, positive news are due in the forthcoming, December issue.

Unfortunately, our latest issue is marked by an unprecedented phenomenon which deserves special attention. Following the report by Mrs. Laura García Cervantes, Editor-in-Chief of the Spanish journal “Retos”, an article published in the previous issue of the journal by Francisco Manuel ARGUDO ITURRIAGA, Pablo José BORGES HERNÁNDEZ and Encarnación RUIZ LARA entitled “Factors associated with shooting efficiency in the elite competition water polo” is a translation of the same article which authors published in the aforementioned journal, in Spanish. For this reason, the editorial board announces that the mentioned article is withdrawn, whereas letters of warning have been sent to the authors and the institution where the authors are already employed. We sincerely hope that such things will not happen in future, and we do expect notice that authors shall observe the principles of publication in order to avoid sanctions by the editorial board.

Thank you for understanding and enjoy reading the journal!

Damjan JAKŠIĆ, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

Current Issue: June, 2018

Review article

Long-term outcomes of sports on health status: a mini review

Sunčica Poček • Tatjana Trivić • Roberto Roklicer • Sergej M. Ostojić • Patrik Drid

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.180601

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML

Original scientific paper

Gender differences during adolescence in the motives for physical exercise, depression, anxiety and stress

Miroljub Ivanović • Uglješa Ivanović

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.180602

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML

Original scientific paper

Health-related fitness in preschool children: Difference between organized and unorganized physical activity

Dragana Zarić • Zoran Gojković • Goran Sporiš • Dejan Madić

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.180603

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML

Original scientific paper

Nutritional and motor ability status of first- and second- grade students

Živan Milošević • Dejan Čokorilo • Nikola Pajić • Višnja Đorđić

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.180604 

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML

Original scientific paper

The influence of morphological characteristics on the specific motor skills of junior-age karate athletes

Dušica Rakita • Dušan Rakonjac • Mila Vukadinović-Jurišić • Jelena Obradović

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.180605 

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML

Original scientific paper

Investigation of the terms and regulations, under which the competitions of Gymnastics were held from 1920 to 1930

Panagiotis Stefanidis

DOI: 10.31382/eqol.180606

Abstract | Article (PDF) | References | HTML