Olga Kyselovicová and Milan Špánik, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia


In dance, biomechanical methodologies are used to improve aspects of dance
technique. Therefore the aim of our study was to gain knowledge of the kinematic structure
of the feather step in slow fox routine. Material and methods: Four top level dance couples
were involved in the study. To examine the routine biomechanically we have filmed the
particular dance figures by high speed camera with frequency of 50 frames per second.
Subsequently, we processed and evaluated digitalized images by 2D analysis. The path of
gravity and angular changes in knee joint in the particular dance figures phases were
evaluated and compared between partners and pairs together. Results: Dancing couples in the
same conditions reached different readings in angle of the knee joint as well as trajectory of
the centre of gravity during motion.

Keywords: modern ball room dance, 2 dimensional biomechanical analyse, kinematic
parameters, trajectory of centre of gravity, angle at knee joint


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