Saša Radosav, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education
University of Novi Sad, Serbia


The Outdoor activities course is an important and very specific segment of study programs
which prepare future teachers of physical education and recreation, instructors and similar
professional profiles. With the purpose of creating a new concept of course or improve the
existing one according to the attitude college students have to the Outdoor activities course,
students of the Faculty and Sport and Physical Education were surveyed. The sample consisted
of 191 college students of both gender who attended the Outdoor activities courses during the
academic years 2000/2001, 2001/2002, 2002/2003. The sample was evaluated by the Likert scale
and the following aspects were included: attitude towards the conditions of course delivery,
content, organisation and implementation of the lessons of skiing and camping. Majority of
students expressed the affirmative attitudes towards skiing and camping. The obtained results
were used in a new conceptualisation of the Outdoor activities course.

Keywords: outdoor activities, teaching, college students, attitudes


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