Mira Milić1, Željko Jonić1 and Ivana Đurić Mojsilović
1 Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
2 College of Business Assistance, Istočno Sarajevo – Sokolac


The aim of this study is to carry out terminological standardization of tennis terms in
Serbian as a contribution to publishing the 2nd expanded edition of the existing English-
Serbian dictionary of sports terms entitled Englesko-srpski rečnik sportskih termina.
Research is a corpus-based contrastive analysis of tennis terms in English and Serbian, which
were taken over from Tenniswikipedia glossary containing 254 entries, commentaries in
Serbian during live broadcast of Masters and 2014-2015 GrandSlam matches, and online
Serbian journalistic texts on tennis. The contrastive approach is justified by the fact that
tennis terms in Serbian are created by adaptation of English terms through transshaping and
translation. Given that tennis is a recently popularized sport in Serbia and that no serious
attempt has been made so far to compile a glossary of standard tennis terms in Serbian, the
findings indicate abundance of non-adapted lexical borrowings from English, due to which
terminological standardization deserves particular attention.

Keywords: English, Serbian, standardization, tennis, terminology.


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